Welcome to the resurrected Amerikkka.

By Marvin Lyman
Welcome to the resurrected Amerikkka. The populous voted and informed the world what it really wants. Donald Trump’s declarations to “make Amerikkka great again” and to be the “law and order president” resounded in the hearts of those feeling disenfranchised and put upon by less than stellar progress in race relations and true economic parity. This election can and should be viewed as a referendum against the Democratic Party.
For eight years, President Obama was maligned by a Republican Congress that vowed to thwart his presidency, questioned his identity, vehemently attacked him inside and outside the halls of Congress, and utilized the media which rarely recognized him with his proper title of President of the United States. From the onset, the Republican Party announced who they were and along with their cruel racist intentions. While no there is no respect for the Republican Party being clear about their motives, there is appreciation knowing the devil through self-identification. On the contrary, the Democratic Party controlled the 111th Congress and Senate followed by maintaining the operational majority in the Senate through the 113th Congress. At a time when sweeping reform and progress could have been made in the 111th Congress, the rancor among many Democrats and covert disapproval of the Black President, resulted in inaction and helped to undergird the ensuing political victories of the Republican Party while fueling the vitriolic racism espoused by many of its leadership and supporters.
Last night’s vote should not have come as a surprise. Malcolm X said it best about Amerikkkan racism and hate, it was “.. a case of the chickens coming home to roost.” Donald played to the racist heartbeat of Amerikkka that tells poor Whites and the lagging middle-class that this new Amerikkka that doesn’t see its once stolen human cargo in physical chains, has somehow taken away the liberty and prosperity they once enjoyed. Somehow, the depression of the “Bush Years” was completely obliterated from their memory and the dramatic recovery and growth under President Obama’s leadership was omitted from their political consciousness. The Children of Israel once asked for a King and they received exactly what they asked for in King Saul. The Amerikkkan populous has spoken, and Amerikkka will get what it elected in the most racist, polarizing, hatred spreading candidate of this century with Donald Trump.
The Democratic Party should take a bow for a job well done in never holding the Republican Party’s feet to the racist fire it stoked in 2008 and exacerbated over the last eight years. The Democratic Party should also take pride in never formally and publicly identifying and denouncing the racist ideology espoused by Donald. This vote is a referendum on the ideal of democracy that subverted Bernie Sanders, the choice between the lesser evil, and the real call for justice in America. The Hillary Clinton push for “her turn” coupled with the go along strategy of the Democratic Party carved the path for the nightmare many awoke to this morning. The experiment in democracy went wrong last night just as it has gone wrong for the millions of Black, Brown, and Red citizens of this country since its beginning.
The critical question is will the idea of an Equal America ever emerge in the waste of last night’s decision. After the worst economic crisis in the country, the hearts of the people have not turned. Could it be that Amerikkka has come so far in time only and moved so little from the vestiges of Jim Crow politics? Maybe Black, Brown, and Red Democrats have been duped by the Amerikkkan political dream that never redistributed wealth or power and never intends to. Could this be the wake up call to form a coalition that says “Our Lives Matter”?